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FREE Custom Design Season Is Open!

Ever had that feeling that this item would be just perfect as a present if it just had this little detail added?

It happens to me almost daily and this is the reason why I started a business featuring custom designs. Since being a designer with an eye for details can be a blessing but also a curse as no design is good enough for my needs. 

So what ideas can be turned into a custom design?

Any! From the highly detailed description to the most abstract idea that the designer will magically turn into the colors and shapes and image that you'll love. 
Your kids drawings, your sassy memes, your passion and hobbies, the love for your family and friends, your goofiest pet photo, special milestones in life that have made you who you are, your highly social or highly antisocial witty remarks, and the list goes on. 

Most important is that you've made the step toward celebrating your individuality by choosing a unique design for your loved ones or for yourself. 

Grab the opportunity!

We are aware that the craziest holiday season is here and have prepared a little surprise for our customers. 

Up until 30th November our designers will make custom designs according to your idea for free. And we promise the fluffiest, coziest, warmest gift you'll ever get!

Don't believe me? 
Check out this unboxing video and see for yourself :)