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Black Friday Deals on KinPicks

Remember that one year when you had it all figured out? A full list of must-have deals and ideas all nicely planned out and waiting for the big day. Nowadays getting everything in time is a hassle and can be very tiring. Sometimes we settle with what's left in the bargain bin. Is this as good as it gets? Sticking to a budget can be hard and sometimes it's a struggle to make everybody happy. There are so many things to think about. Do I buy unique and personalized gifts or something easy for everybody? Do I stand in line for hours?  Do I order online and hope it arrives in time? These are the things what weigh on our minds every...

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FREE Custom Design Season Is Open!

Ever had that feeling that this item would be just perfect as a present if it just had this little detail added? It happens to me almost daily and this is the reason why I started a business featuring custom designs. Since being a designer with an eye for details can be a blessing but also a curse as no design is good enough for my needs. 

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